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How do I download transactions?

You can use our Download Transactions facility if you want to import a list of transactions into your favourite software package or if you want to keep an electronic record of your statement - we offer files in the following formats: Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Money (.qif), Intuit Quicken (.qif), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and plain text (.txt).

You can find the option to download transactions under 'My Accounts & Transactions', and then 'View Transactions'.

You can choose either to download all available transactions in a date-range that you specify, or simply download any transactions since you last downloaded.

Please note: the number of transactions that you can download in a single file is limited to 600 on a Santander Business banking and Personal account.  If there are more transactions than the limits above in your chosen date-range, try breaking down the date-range and downloading less than the allowed number.  For example, if you want to download 5000 transactions from January and February on your Santander Business Banking account, try downloading just January's transactions first, then February's.  Note the new Online Banking service supports Industry recognised formats, old style formats which are no longer industry standard are not supported by the new site i.e. New Lotus transactions & statements, Old Lotus transactions & statements, BAI II, Quick books, SWIFT MT940 and SWIFT MT942.

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